Hello! I'm Sarah (she/her), an artist and graphic designer from Australia. My artistic goal is simple: to positively impact my community by channelling my creativity into various mediums. Visually, I aim to craft a bright, approachable, and sparkly aesthetic, and I enjoy using undertones of minimalism to complement this.
My services
Art Direction / Animation / Branding / Concepts / Digital Design / eDMs / Video / Illustration / Packaging Design / Print Design / Social Content / Website Design
My values
Celebrating being human / Authenticity / Finding a unique edge / Integrity / Unwaveringly high standards / Trusting intuition / Forming genuine connections / Inclusivity / Harnessing fresh perspectives / Thriving when problem solving / Deep love for what I do
More about me
My educational background is in computer science and law, but I have been freelancing as a graphic designer since graduating from high school in 2014. When I started, I used my computer science degree and gravitated more towards website design / development in HTML5 / CSS, alongside some branding work.
Nowadays, I prefer illustration (both digital and paper), animation, and document design. Like many other Gen Zs / Millennials, I keep things fun while working purposefully. If something makes our planet safer for current and future generations, I'm interested. If something makes the world a little brighter and more joyful, I'm really interested.
Beyond work, I find inspiration, wonder, and purpose in nature and when learning from other creatives. My week wouldn't be complete without spending time with loved ones, doing calligraphy or drawing, reading a book, learning acoustic guitar, or walking at dusk along the Brisbane River.

If you think I'm the person for your next project, feel free to say hi here.
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